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Ever-Green Wall: Love, Undying

A green wall is a great idea. Trending, too. A green living wall might even work…

  • …if the wall has great sun exposure year-round — like 6–8 hours of direct sun daily, depending on what you hope to grow.
  • …if the plants you like will like the setup.
  • …if whatever holds the plants and soil drains excess water well.
  • …if both the wall and the floor can withstand humidity with recurring splashes and drips.
  • …if you enjoy puttering with potted plants — and can reach them easily enough on your wall to do so daily.
Our growing collection makes creating an ever-green wall easier, even if it isn’t a green, living wall. See images specifically tagged for green walls or browse our square images.
Nine images: will yours be a variety or a monoculture?

We like a geometrical grid of nine or sixteen individual pieces. Position the hanging cleats once, and re-arrange, swap out, and update your collection easily. Or, if interchangeability and easy updating doesn’t matter, inquire about a custom single-piece artwork comprising the square pieces of your choosing from our eligible collections, in the (permanent) positions of your choosing — subject to availability, scheduling, and editorial discretion, of course.

Some people like the look of a green wall but not all the conditions one requires, so they use artificial vegetation. We have known people who are willing to pay for the realistic kind, who had the patience to dust it weekly and wash it monthly. (They were very dedicated to home decor. Christmas was a two-month setup and two-week tear-down involving densely packed storage spaces.) For ourselves, we avoid artificial plants, having a general preference for things that look like what they are. (Don’t get us started on flavorings and fragrances.)

photo: ground cover
Green walls — monoculture or a variety?

We grow our real plants in pots or in the ground. But we still like an (ever) green wall. So our version hits the right notes: no watering required, no sunlight needed, and no pests attracted…

…did we mention the pests?