photo: Marlin Ouverson overlooking Pacific Ocean in Southern California (2013)


The imagery we are exploring at aspires to…

  • Recapture childhood vision for adult eyes.
  • Slow down and notice.
  • Work with fresh eyes to present unique perspectives.
  • Find beauty whose value doesn’t come from rarity.
  • Sidestep easy cynicism and invite something… richer, deeper, more nuanced.

Marlin Ouverson also develops and manages web properties, and the appearance and “how does it work” aspect of some devices. His photography and image compositions have served commercial clients for decades.

This website presents his work for private, corporate, and institutional purchasers.

Marlin was the editor of Silicon Valley’s seminal tech magazine Dr. Dobb’s Journal when personal computers were being conceived. He lived among the coastal redwoods during that time and, when he changed to editing a trade publication for computer language creators, he moved to the outskirts of the Mojave desert.

He took a detour from independent work to join a small but important tech firm in Southern California. There he developed documentation for customer projects and assets for the then-novel World Wide Web. His experiences at that firm were formative in some ways, and Marlin left his position there with a broader professional and creative scope, as well as a refined understanding of how to apply his skills in ways that benefit both users-consumers and business.

logo / hallmark for Marlin Ouverson

Since returning to independent life, Marlin has served clients in a tantalizing array of subject domains. His office is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, where he enjoys a modest lifestyle in extravagant surroundings.

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