Impressions and Abstractions

Artifacts, underpinnings, daydreams, and myths…
photo: large, colorful print of Silk Road Station against the cool grays of a contemporary dining room and kitchen.
In situ: variation on “Silk Road Station

Appearances are only impressions. Puzzle them out, or enjoy them at face value.

photo: wall art for family rooms, example showing Felinus Rex
In school, it always was about an “A” (for approval), so the art teacher’s languid, bemused, “Innnn-teresting…” felt like a copout. Teenagers mostly want good or bad, from A to F, for better or worse.
Now, “I like it” or “I hate it” seem much less relevant. “Interesting” feels like engagement and potential dialog — between viewer and art, perhaps between viewers — if it isn’t dodging the question.