Arwen’s Brooch


Much has been made of a certain elven queen’s brooch. This is not from that queen, it is not so… lofty. Closer to the earth, perhaps, like its own mistress. Render this brooch in enamel, or in jade and gold, and we will wear it with grace through the autumn of our lives. We might anyway.

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Does the Tree of Life shed one retiring leaf at a time, or en masse in a flurry of falling leaves?

Maybe it depends— on the tree and on the season. Are the colors not as fiery this year? Maybe our vision has changed, or the conditions. Are the colors that remain less than beautiful?

Much is made of a certain brooch in Tolkien’s immersive fantasy. An exquisite brooch of exceeding rarity and workmanship.

We do not hope to find jewels and mithril hidden in the grass (although we might be less surprised than some to do so). There is all manner of treasure. It lives all around us.

Elizabeth C.

Gorgeous site, with so many imaginative images!

2 years ago

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