Blu at the Hi-Lo Ranch


Blu was a smiling presence at our little place in the canyon country of Northern Arizona. It was the kind of good cheer you want in your corner — or hanging wherever you can enjoy it.

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We had the good fortune to live in Arizona’s red rock country. People driving past don’t realize its fertile areas supported orchards and livestock for generations. This old cattle-and-sheep chute was listing, its paint peeling, but it held many memories.

Interior showing wall with large of 'Blu at the Hi-Lo Ranch' photographic print
In situ: Blu at the Hi-Lo Ranch

Today, the Hi-Lo ranch is gone, long since subdivided, but Blu’s good cheer and friendly disposition are permanent. Anyone would be lucky to find such a ranch hand — or any such friendly presence — hanging around the place.

This moment has kept us smiling for decades, and we are pleased to share it now.

Leon Wagner

Speedy delivery and really well packaged.

3 years ago

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