Silk Road Station


The time we took an unexpected step around the wrong corner in an echoing building on China’s ancient Silk Road…

…our keepers would not have wanted a photo to record the scene, though it seemed innocent enough to Western eyes.
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Our keepers would not have wanted us to record the scene,  or even to see it. It seemed innocent enough to Western eyes…

We had been invited, but our unabashed curiosity was not entirely welcome. “Ah, they warned me about you, how you are!” We saw a family working their field, several of them hitched to the family plow — a harness around one shoulder and everyone leaning into it, the whole field, a furrow at a time, a few feet at a time. Someone noticed us looking, and urged us to know, “They could have a tractor if they wanted one!”
We made sure we were unobserved in this moment. We shot from the hip and moved along. The image has an impressionistic soft focus. Details have been altered to protect the sensibilities of the authorities.

Kathleen Determan

I just received my latest picture, let me tell you, the website doesn’t do these justice, it is absolutely gorgeous! If you are on the fence about ordering from this website, stop hesitating! This picture is a nice addition to my living room, no problem with shipping, it’s packed so well it could never become damaged. I highly recommend these items, my only problem is, which one do I order next?

3 years ago

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