Fan Dancer, Wind Catcher


When a fan palm tree grows in a way that deflects prevailing trade winds into the open window of a second-story bedroom? Save the A/C, this is as cool as it gets.

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Brand: (Wall) Art By Design and By Nature


They say the leaves of a single fan palm tree, growing in isolation, will align themselves North-South so all will receive an equal amount of sunlight. But if one is planted near to a building or another tree, it may alter its angle as it grows to achieve the best exposure. When several grow closely, in a clump, they will adjust so each gets the best share of what it needs.

The happiest alignment: a fan palm grows to deflect the prevailing tradewinds right into the open window of a second-story bedroom. Save the A/C, this is as cool as it gets.

Kathleen Determan

I just received my latest picture, let me tell you, the website doesn’t do these justice, it is absolutely gorgeous! If you are on the fence about ordering from this website, stop hesitating! This picture is a nice addition to my living room, no problem with shipping, it’s packed so well it could never become damaged. I highly recommend these items, my only problem is, which one do I order next?

3 years ago