Shadow Dancer


There had been big winds that year. Near-hurricanes had passed, thrashing the great leaves and they show it. But when you get a love letter, you don’t criticize the paper on which it’s written.

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Brand: (Wall) Art By Design and By Nature


The big leaf of a fan palm can provide a fair amount of shelter from sun or rain. In the right hands, it could be stylish, too. A cultural practitioner somewhere will be glad to demonstrate that specific art.

You can nap under a fan palm, if it’s tall enough to have clear space under it — unlike its stately cousins, it can’t drop a lethal nut on your nut. And the light… we envisioned a kumu hula of old, maybe drowsing in the shade, dreaming of the shapes their dancers could make.

Photographer’s note: Creeping about in the landscaping to get a shot from the shadows is not, for an adult, recommended.

Kathleen Determan

I just received my latest picture, let me tell you, the website doesn’t do these justice, it is absolutely gorgeous! If you are on the fence about ordering from this website, stop hesitating! This picture is a nice addition to my living room, no problem with shipping, it’s packed so well it could never become damaged. I highly recommend these items, my only problem is, which one do I order next?

3 years ago