No Away


Put some art where your heart is. We enjoy the fact that this arresting piece defies labels, even challenges the like/dislike boundary. Hang this surrealistic piece for the discussion it can inspire and for its message.

This print integrates a faux matte, title, and artist attribution, in the print.
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Brand: (Wall) Art By Design and By Nature


This arresting piece can challenge the like/dislike boundaries. Hang it for its interest and for the surreal discussions it can inspire — “No Away” remains fresh and interesting.

We didn’t set out to create environmental art, however that genre is characterized. But circumstances provided occasion for the imagery, and we needn’t bother to drive home the clear associations. (Because, as what’s-his-name said, if you’ve got a message, take it to Twitter.)

In addition to the faux matte with title, artist and copyright are attributed in the print.

Elizabeth C.

Gorgeous site, with so many imaginative images!

3 years ago

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