Plumeria Lifecycle


The lifecycle of a plumeria blossom is captured in a single, unstaged photograph. Lying in lush grass, every phase of the legendary flower is arranged like a message written in beauty.

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Brand: (Wall) Art By Design and By Nature


For many, the plumeria blossom has come to symbolize the kind of life they’d like to lead. Maybe it would be in a place where trees covered in flowers scatter them on the ground as if an extravagant wedding party had passed.

Incidental beauty arranges itself. Imperfection is natural. Perfect, even.

Kathleen Determan

I just received my latest picture, let me tell you, the website doesn’t do these justice, it is absolutely gorgeous! If you are on the fence about ordering from this website, stop hesitating! This picture is a nice addition to my living room, no problem with shipping, it’s packed so well it could never become damaged. I highly recommend these items, my only problem is, which one do I order next?

3 years ago