Rainbow shower tree, “Flower Cluster”


We see rainbow shower trees in overlapping bloom cycles from the island’s windward to leeward and the inland mountains. Trees filled with flowers like rainbows!

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Pick a name, any name: it goes by Cassia javanica, Java cassia, pink shower, apple blossom tree, and rainbow shower tree.

We see golden, white — never call them plain — and these wonderful rainbow shower trees. They present overlapping bloom cycles that vary slightly from windward to leeward and into the mountains. There should be festivals and holidays but people rarely mention the shower trees, and you never see groups gathering to gawk. (Unlike one neighborhood “gold tree” whose location will go unnamed.)

On remote islands with fragile ecosystems and ardent defenders, the shower trees remind us: not all newcomers are invaders. Even if they were, some are quite welcome. Mitigating circumstances apparently include extreme beauty and extraordinary grace, as long as they behave themselves.

Shower trees were not in this area before humans were, so they are not indigenous. And they did not earn second-hand respect by arriving on early explorers’ canoes. It was only later. You can almost imagine them as a kind of bittersweet consolation for other things that arrived, a very small consolation for people who wear flowers and walk strong in beauty regardless.

For the record: it’s a flowering plant in the subfamily, Caesalpinioideae of the legume family, Fabaceae.

Leon Wagner

Speedy delivery and really well packaged.

3 years ago

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