Sweet Papaya Leaf


Water is life, they say, and the glistening droplets cradled on this papaya leaf? It’s as if we can see the promise of a bright future in them… for all of us.

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Brand: (Wall) Art By Design and By Nature


Sunlight captured in raindrops, worlds within worlds. We wonder if tiny lifeforms are swimming in each little globe, but we haven’t had a microscope at home in decades.

Still, a child’s eyes can see it. Veins and tributaries pump enough nutrition to push a 30-foot tree out of each of the hundred seeds found in a single breakfast fruit. An older child might notice their own veins and make the connection.

Water is life, in all its many forms, along with sunlight and the nourishing earth.

Kathleen Determan

I just received my latest picture, let me tell you, the website doesn’t do these justice, it is absolutely gorgeous! If you are on the fence about ordering from this website, stop hesitating! This picture is a nice addition to my living room, no problem with shipping, it’s packed so well it could never become damaged. I highly recommend these items, my only problem is, which one do I order next?

3 years ago