Scrying Cup


Water as smooth and slippery as glycerin. Silky, reflecting the sky. Five modest flowers open among the buds — a random five as if cast there to be deciphered. Those with eyes to see surely can read a message there, or lose themselves in a dream while gazing deeply…

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Brand: (Wall) Art By Design and By Nature


Some of these are spectacular even from afar. More are nice enough, if you happen to notice them. Others seem, let’s be honest, drab to our eyes. But those disregarded-by-us varieties have their moments. The trick is catching the moments, clever as honeybees, and attuning our vision.

We can’t think of a reason why one couldn’t see the future deep in there, drowning all doubts among those reflections. A scrying cup never wrought by human hands? That should serve at least as well as any polished mirror, worked crystal, or afternoon tea. And to do it by moonlight? Forget about that, we might never return.

Elizabeth C.

Gorgeous site, with so many imaginative images!

2 years ago